Dr. Pauline Lysak
Psychiatrist, Victoria BC
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Zoom Telehealth Appointments

When you're ready for your telehealth appointment with Dr. Lysak:

Enter Zoom Meeting

If joining manually:
Meeting ID: plysak (or 927 437 3370)    Password: 633826

Useful Tips to Avoid Common Problems
  1. The first time you use Zoom on your device, you'll need to install an app. Do this ahead of time!
  2. See below if you're having problems changing your name.
  3. You'll be asked how to connect your audio. When prompted:
    Choose "Join Audio by Computer" or "Call Over Internet".
    Don't choose "Call My Phone", "Call Me", "Phone Call" or "Dial In".
    (Yes, this is annoying as !#%^$. There's a setting in the Zoom app to default to Internet audio — find it!)
  4. Once connected, ensure you're not muted. (look for the microphone icon, usually bottom left)
  5. When done, hit the "Leave" button and then confirm "Leave Meeting".

By participating in your telehealth appointment, you accept the potential privacy risks (see Consent, below).

The PHSA has put together some patient telehealth resources to help you prepare for your appointment, learn how your privacy is protected, etc. Note that we do some things a bit differently:

Invitations. Your appointment reminder text or email will contain a link to this page. Once here, you'll click on the big button above to enter the meeting. You won't get the standard Zoom invitation email.

Waiting room. When you first connect, you'll be placed in what Zoom calls the waiting room. Think of it like waiting in the hallway outside our office with the door locked. You'll stay there until someone lets you in.

Entering. When someone is ready to help you, you'll be admitted to what Zoom calls the meeting, and your video and audio will start. You'll be able to see and speak with whoever let you in. Sometimes that will be Dr. Lysak and you'll jump right into your session. More often, it will be Mark, who will make sure you're all set up, etc.

Interview room. Mark will put you in a virtual interview room (technically, a Zoom breakout room) to wait for Dr. Lysak. While waiting, click 'Ask for Help' to contact Mark. When she's ready to see you, she'll join you in the interview room.

Finishing up. At the end of your session, Mark might join your interview room to make sure you have a followup appointment booked, and so on. Dr. Lysak will likely slip out to see her next patient. When you're all done, you can "leave" the meeting or just close the Zoom window.

Why are we doing things this way? It allows both Dr. Lysak and Mark to help you out, at the same time or at different times. Mark can give you an update on when you'll be seen, so you're not stuck in an empty room waiting for Dr. Lysak doctor without any feedback or contact. It means we can have more than one person in our virtual clinic at a time, yet each remains separated from the others. Your confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Consent. Remember, no technological system is 100% secure. There are some inherent privacy and security risks (e.g. unintentional disclosure of your health information) when using videoconferencing. To minimize this risk, you can participate from a private setting, and should not use an employer's or someone else's computer/device. If you have any questions or concerns, please raise them with us before your telehealth appointment. The PHSA has some additional resources on the risks of using digital communication that you should read. By proceeding with your appointment, you agree that you understand the risks involved.

Changing Your Name
  • If you're signed in to a Zoom account, change your name via the app Settings (cog icon).
  • Without an account, the app remembers the name you first use and it's hard to permanently change. Use one of these two workarounds for an individual session.
    • Before meeting: join manually rather than by the 'Enter Zoom Meeting' button. Open the Zoom app, click Join Meeting, enter Meeting ID 927 437 3370, change your name, click Join, enter password 633826.
    • During meeting: click on Participants, click your name in the list, click Rename, and enter new name.